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Avenida is an expanding network of interpreters. We are a group of colleagues mastering various language combinations and working together to offer our customers the best and most personalized service possible. We have many years of experience in interpreting a variety of contexts and at many events. We provide simultaneous interpreting at conferences, seminars, business meetings, workshops, work councils, visits of foreign dignitaries, market research etc.

Different events require different interpreting solutions! A smaller meeting may only need interpretation between two languages, ​​while an international conference may require interpreters for many different languages. See if any of the following options meet your needs. If not, let us know what you would like to accomplish, and we will work with you to tailor a solution!

Conferences and seminars, work councils, workshops - at these types of events, simultaneous interpreting is the modality our customers prefer. It contributes to a lively debate, as questions and answers are rendered in real time. At times, a combination of simultaneous and consecutive interpreting can also be used. At a given conference, there might be a combination of large plenary sessions, where simultaneous interpreting from a booth is most suitable, while the consecutive mode works well at intermittent small workshops with only a few participants.

Business meetings, official visits, court hearings - meetings in which there is only one or a few people needing the services of an interpreter. In such instances, whispered interpreting (chuchotage) in combination with the consecutive mode is commonly used. The interpreter sits close to the person needing his or her services and then whispers what is being said. This is combined with consecutive interpreting which is used when this same person wishes to address the group. The consecutive mode can also be used at large gatherings with the interpreter sitting close to the speaker and interpreting what is stated to the audience, a few sentences at the time.

Simultaneous interpreting with the use of portable interpreting equipment is a very practical solution for group visits, such as educational field trips or factory tours. While the presenter is speaking, the interpreter stands nearby and interprets simultaneously, speaking in a low voice into a microphone to the wireless, portable headphones worn by the listeners. Consecutive interpreting also works well if there is a homogeneous group of listeners that speak the same language. The presenter speaks for a moment and then pauses, allowing the interpreter to provide the translated rendition of his/her statement. However, it is important to remember that consecutive interpreting generally takes twice as long.